Fallout 4 – D4U (Dualshock 4 UI)

Fallout 4 – D4U (Dualshock 4 UI)

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Mod Name: Fallout 4 – PS4 Button UI Conversion
Game: Fallout 4
Current Version: 1.0 Beta
Initial Release Date: December 4, 2015
Latest Update Release Date: December 4, 2015
Contact Info: DarkWolfModding@gmail.com
Mod Page: This Page
Author(s): DarkWolfModding

[Description] Do you play with your dualshock 4 controller? Are you annoyed by the Xbox buttons on the UI? After hours upon hours of testing, editing, and game crashes, I am proud to present “Fallout 4 – Duelshock 4 UI” an UI overhaul mod to convert all the XBOX gamepad UI buttons to their corrosponding Dualshock 4 ones. This mod is in a fully functional state, its just In Beta stage as there is one part of the UI (the activate buttons and such that show on the main hud when you hover over something) that I cant figure out how to convert to the PS4 UI (Hope this is temporary), other than that its fully functional.

[Features] -PS4 UI Buttons (DUH)
-Optional file to set the lockpick max count text to go to 999+ instead of 99+

[Installation] Install with Nexus Mod Manager or Drag and drop the data folder into your main Fallout 4 directory

[Uninstallation] Use with Nexus Mod Manager or Drag and drop the data folder into your main Fallout 4 directory\

[Permissions] -Fellow modders you can use these files as a base for your mods (Mainly mods like SKYUI for skyrim) just give me credit for the original conversion

[Change Log] [Version 1.0 alpha] -Unreleased
-Lots of crash issues

[Version 1.0 Beta] -Initial Release
-Fixed crashing issues

[Future Updates] -Apply various fixes If I accedently didnt get all the buttons converted to PS4 Buttons

[Known Issues] -Main menu PS4 Buttons dont show until you load a save and go back to the main menu (I don’t know how to fix this)

[FAQ’s] Q: Will this overwrite some other mods.
A: Depending on the mod and which UI file it edits yes this will overwrite it. If I can get permission from the authors I will add compatibility patches

[Videos] [Developers] [UI Editing] -DarkWolfModding

[Testing] -DarkWolfModding

[Thanks To] Bethesda Game Studios as always for their amazing games

Credits: DarkWolfModding
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