Caliber Crazy- Now with Automatics

Caliber Crazy- Now with Automatics

Update- Syringer receivers added. Also fixed missing misc parts for the Deliverer and Assault rifle

There needed to be more weapons that could take caliber conversion mods. So I added a few. In the process, a few weapons had their stats tweaked, and I had to rename the 10mm and .44 pistols (.38 .44 Pistol is a confusing name.) The full details are as follows:

10mm Pistol:
Name changed to N99 Pistol
Base damage slightly increased (about a 10% boost)
.38 Receiver added
.38 Automatic Receiver added
.44 Receiver added

.44 Pistol
Renamed to Pre-War Revolver
.38 Receiver added
.45 Receiver added
Injectable Receiver added

Assault Rifle:
.308 Receiver added
.308 Automatic Receiver added
.50 Receiver added
.50 Automatic Receiver added. I had to do it.
5mm Automatic Receiver added.

Combat Rifle:
5.56 Receiver added
5.56 Automatic Receiver added
.38 Receiver requirements lessened
.38 Automatic Receiver added
.308 receiver improved

Automatic Receiver added.
.38 Receiver added
.38 Automatic receiver added

Hunting Rifle:
Very heavily beefed up (150% of normal damage). Vanilla, the Hunting rifle did 37 base damage. This is compared to the Assault Rifle at 30. The semi-automatic with a smaller caliber. Yeah, that bugged me.
Also, the .50 cal receiver gives a larger boost. Because .50
Injectable Receiver added

Submachine Gun:
Damage increased to twice it’s base level. .45 hits harder than a .38 pipe pistol, even if it is automatic.
.38 Receiver added

5.56 Barrel added
.308 Barrel added. It now costs 400,000 caps to fire this weapon for 12 seconds.

Pipe Revolver:
Shotgun Receiver added
.308 Receiver damage increased by 66%

Pipe Bolt-Action:
Shotgun Receiver added
.50 Receiver damage increased by 66%

Shotguns For Shuenga:
Optional standalone containing only the Pipegun Shotgun receivers.

Still to be done:
Extensive testing. The numbers seem balanced-ish so far, but I’ll tweak it as I get a better feel for how they fit in actual gameplay. Seriously, if anything is too powerful or wimpy, Please let me know.
More conversions as I think of them. Also any good ideas suggested in the comments, and maybe another optional containing a few ridiculous conversions.


Corrected missing misc items for 5mm Automatice Assault Rifle and .38 and .38 Auto Deliverer Receivers. Whoops.
Added Injectable (Syringer) Receivers to the Revolver and Hunting Rifle.

Reverted the Deliverer to 10mm, added .38 and .38 Auto Receivers
Added Shotgun receivers to Pipe Revolver and Pipe Bolt-Action
Added .308 Minigun Barrels
Added 5mm Automatic receiver to Assault Rifle

Added .38 Automatic Receiver to N99
Added .308 and .50 Automatic Receivers to Assault Rifle
Added .38 and 5.56 Automatic Receivers to Combat Rifle
Added 5.56 Minigun Barrel

1.1, A.K.A This Fucking Combat Rifle Though:
Returned .308 receiver to Combat Rifle. Since 5.56 had identical stats to the vanilla .308, it’s damage was boosted at the cost of a slightly slower rate of fire.
Fixed the 5.56 receiver for the Combat Rifle. Ironically, it still fired .308.
Reduced Gun Nut requirement for .38 Combat Rifle receiver to rank 3

Credits: JackSkyhawkVII
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