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Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-

Together with BodySlide, you can customize your character’s appearance to the limits of your imagination, and make any outfit fit well! So be sure to download and install BodySlide for maximum potential!

CBBE replaces the vanilla female body that all adult female characters (player and NPC) share, with one that is fully customizable with the BodySlide tool. By default there are three nude options available that don’t require anything but installation, as well as lore-friendly underwear styles for these body shapes (using Beth’s own unused underwear meshes).

These meshes have a total of over 21k vertices – compared to the vanilla body’s modest 1750 – for optimal smoothness. In tests there have been no reports of these high-poly meshes causing any slow down, but may still be too much for weaker systems to use, so be warned.

Included in the main installer are bodies, textures, all vanilla and DLC outfits, and BodySlide addons for the body and outfits.
There are also morph files for the body and the outfits included, which are used for in-game morphing with LooksMenu or other script mods.

Also, in the Optional downloads, are files for the CBBE Reduced bodies. These are lower poly than the main file, but have working dismemberment.

Please note that these shapes are what you get when the very centre of the weight/body morph triangle is selected. The shape will then morph according to where ever you select in the triangle, just as the vanilla body does.

Slim: Slender shape for fans of slimmer ladies.
Curvy: Based on the modern ideal.
Vanilla: Default body, but better!
NeverNude: The above bodies, but with underwear.
Be sure to grab BodySlide for 100% customisability with CBBE, including body physics!

Texture Resources
Included in the optional downloads is a Texture Resource archive providing the source photoshop .psd files with Diffuse, Normal, and Specular textures. These files include the base texture data used by CBBE, as well as the following additional options (as hidden layers that can be activated.)

– a total of 9 pubic hair options… three by me, three by Jeir, and three by XunAmarox (used with permission and originally part of her “CBBE Innies” mod)
– pinker nipple option by Jeir, and another nipple variant with diffuse/spec/normals by XunAmarox
– An alternative vulva style by XunAmarox from her CBBE Innies mod.

If you like XunAmarox’s options, please remember to endorse her mod and thank her!

Permissions to use these textures to create optional variants, including distributing those variants as mods are granted, provided credits are given, and links to this mod as well as CBBEInnies are provided ( if you use those layers ). Please don’t redistribute the source .psd files, though!

Installation and use of these texture files is detailed in the readme file included in the archive. Software such as Photoshop or GIMP can open the provided .psd files.

Add the following to your “Fallout4Custom.ini” file located in “Documents\My Games\Fallout4”. Not your Steam/…/Fallout 4/Data folder, not Fallout4.ini or Fallour4Prefs.ini. Only Fallout4Custom.ini. If you use MO2, then you need to edit the one through its built-in ini editor.

[Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1

(No, that’s not a typo. If the file doesn’t exist, you need to create it yourself manually. Make sure it ends with .ini instead of .ini.txt or .ini.ini!
If the lines are already there, you only need to edit their values.)

– Download the main file archive and open it with 7zip. Do not use anything but 7zip.
– Install the contents of the 00 Required folder into Fallout 4/Data.
– Install the contents of the body you want (one of folders 01-05) into Fallout 4/Data. Skip this if you only want the nude Slim body.
– Install the contents of the outfit replacers you want (06-17) into Fallout 4/Data, according to what body shape you’re using and what DLC you have.
– Optional: Install the contents of the BodySlide folders (18-21) into Fallout 4/Data. For BodySlide. If you’re going to use BodySlide, you can skip the previous two steps.
– Optional: Install the contents of the Tri and F4EE folders (22-26) into Fallout 4/Data. For in-game morphs. Requires BodySlide folders and LooksMenu.
– Optional: Download the Optional CBBE Reduced file and open it with 7zip. Copy steps 2-6 to install these files.

Mod Managers
Install the archive to Mod Organiser or other mod managers like you would do with any other mod. Always install Optional files after the main file.

The CBBE.esp plugin is optional if you have neck-covering hair or don’t use the LooksMenu in-game morphs. See FAQ4.

Q1: Why are the bodies not changing after I install?
A1: You didn’t follow the instructions in the installation section. Ensure you have entered all three lines into your .ini and all files listed in Troubleshooting are present in your game directory. Make sure the file is called Fallout4Custom.ini, not Fallout4Custom.ini.txt (un-hide file extensions)!
A2: If NPCs have changed, but your player character hasn’t, you’re using a mod that changes the directory for the player body meshes/textures, such as ‘Unique Player’. You’ll need to install matching meshes/textures manually.
A3: If your player character has changed, but NPCs haven’t, you’re using a mod that changes the directory for NPC body meshes/textures. You’ll need to install the meshes/textures manually.
A4: You’re not looking at a nude female adult character or are currently wearing an outfit that’s not CBBE-compatible.
A5: Your mod manager is being buggy or there’s a user error. The installer is bug free, or there would be more people reporting issues. If you’re using NMM, make sure you’re using the latest files from GitHub.

Q2: Why am I getting patchwork body textures (black shoulder, nipple on stomach or painted-on underwear)?
A1: You didn’t follow the instructions in the installation section. Ensure you have entered all three lines into your .ini and all files listed in Troubleshooting are present in your game directory. Make sure the file is called Fallout4Custom.ini, not Fallout4Custom.ini.txt!
A2: You have a conflict somewhere. Make sure you don’t have any other mods that affect or overwrote the body.
A3: You’re not using a CBBE-compatible outfit or texture on a CBBE body. At the very least, you should install the vanilla outfits/default textures found in the main file’s installer.
A4: You’re using a mod that changes the directory for the body meshes/textures. You’ll need to install matching meshes/textures manually.
A5: Elderly women are not officially supported by this mod. Install the elderly textures found here.
A6: Mannequins (Contraptions DLC) are not officially supported. Try this mod.

Q3: How do I fix the texture mismatch at the back of the player/NPC head?
A: Activate the CBBE.esp to fix it. This only works for the player character (see below for more info).

Q4: Why does FO4’s CBBE have a plugin when Skyrim’s did not?
A: A lot of space was wasted on the vanilla body UV map (how a texture lines up on a mesh – the 3D model), and part of the head texture (the rear) was included as part of the body texture. FO4 CBBE’s UV map is almost exactly the same as Skyrim’s, making it easier for modders to convert body textures over or make new ones, and filling up the wasted space. But as a result, the part of the UV map used for the head is taken up by our leg texture. The plugin corrects this by pointing the head rear to a duplicated, vanilla body texture ( The plugin is optional if you have hair covering your head rear or can ignore the issue.

Q5: Why does the plugin for the head mismatch only work for the player?
A: Each NPC in FO4 has its own head texture – in Skyrim, the texture was shared with the player, with only skin tone/makeup/scars/warpaint being unique to the NPC. This is why your shiny new face texture doesn’t work with NPCs and why fixing the back of the head is harder than just a quick texture swap.

Q6: Why are some of the vanilla outfits so ‘jaggy’?
A1: Most of the outfits are low poly because they are the vanilla outfits directly edited to work with CBBE/BodySlide. We didn’t have time to remake all the outfits with a higher poly count, as it’s a lot of work. A few, such as the vault suit or dresses, have been granted additional polygons.

Q7: Do outfits or body textures not specifically made for CBBE work with it?
A: Only body textures made to work with CBBE will show up correctly in all places, as CBBE has different UV maps for texture alignment. Outfits that show skin in any way need to be compatible with CBBE to match up. You’ll have to (nicely) ask the creator to make a version of their mod for CBBE or convert the outfit yourself using Outfit Studio, or the textures using Photoshop/GIMP/etc.

Q8: Will there be a male version?
A: We would like to but are mostly lacking the time. Try the Super Hero Bodies by smorris2012, which can be customized using BodySlide.

Q9: How do I make this player-only?
A: Install a mod like ‘Unique Player’ and follows its instructions. Note that outfits won’t be unique unless you duplicate their game entry yourself or have your player character only use standalone modded outfits. The linked unique player mod also doesn’t support 1st person meshes properly, so you could get issues with the hand seams in 1st person. Better would be to install one of the default bodies for all NPCs to use, and use the in-game morphs with BodySlide and LooksMenu to make your character have her own shape (this would also mean all compatible outfits will morph to your character’s shape when worn).

Uninstall using the mod manager you installed with/delete the files listed in ‘troubleshooting’.

Credits: Ousnius and Caliente
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