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Come At Me Bro – Defend The Castle Extended

It always irked me that the two coolest settlement defense quests seemed to be one time gigs. So after examining the quest in FO4Edit I found out that this quest is supposed to be radiant and also be able to support attacks from other factions.
Therefore I have introduced a series of batch files which will force these encounters whenever you wish!

Note: This is just the beginning, I plan on fleshing out this quest extensively and even try to see if I can modulate this system so it can work with other settlements. That will have to wait until GECK is released though.

What is Included:

DTCI.txt – Defend The Castle against rogue Synths
bat DTCI
Yes, it does support attacks even after the main quest is finished.

If you currently are not as war with the institute, then this will play out as if you are a spectator. That is, the synths and minutemen will attack one another. Turrets will work, Tripmines that are set to hostile only will not. Be careful when attacking a synth as this may cause you to be kicked out of the institute (and may end up bugging out the whole minutemen questline!). Those who have already completed the main quest with anyone but the institute need not worry.

DTCBoS.txt – Defend The Castle against The Brotherhood of Steel
bat DTCBoS
Same as with the institute, you CAN do this even when you are allied/a part of the BoS. The battle will just occur as if you are a spectator. Note that while turrets will work, tripwires that are set to hostile only will NOT. To fix this, and take part without consequences, just enlist a certain companion.

DTCSM.txt – Defend the Castle against Super Mutants!
Self explanatory.

DTCR.txt – Defend the Castle against Raiders!
bat DTCR
Self explanatory.

DTCG.txt – Defend the Castle against Gunners!
bat DTCG
Self explanatory.

How to Install:
1. Manually download and extract the archive into your INSTALLATION directory (where fallout4.exe is located).

How To Use:

a. Make sure to complete the quest “Taking Independence” before using these files!

1. MAKE A BACKUP SAVE! – This is extremely important for obvious reasons
2. Fast travel to any area sufficiently far enough away from “The Castle” so its cell is unloaded (I just go to sanctuary).
3. Run one of the bat files above. Then listen to freedom radio until the quest starts.
4. Travel to The Castle.
5. Talk to Ronnie Shaw.
6. Kill all the things.
7. Talk to Ronnie Shaw again after her speech
8. Wait until the Quest Completed icon appears.

How to use again:
9. WAIT AT LEAST 2 IN-GAME DAYS -> This is incredibly important as the quest normally has a 2 day shutdown period.
10. Talk to Ronnie, if you can start trading with her again you are set, otherwise wait some more. (you may have to fast travel out and back into the castle again to reset her).
11. Go back to step 1 above.

DO NOT Run multiple bat files concurrently. This will fuck everything up.
always run one at a time, and follow the directions above.
If you accidentally run the wrong bat file, load a save file before running it and try again.
If all else fails, revert to a backup save.

Potential Issues:
1. Cannot talk to ronnie in step 7
–A. Reload your save you made in step 1. Goto the castle and make sure that you can trade with ronnie. If not then wait 24hours and try again, keep doing this until you can trade with her, then start the siege.
–B. in console type in SetStage BDB04
—–not recommended as this forces the quest to continue, potentially missing any script changes which need to occur, I haven’t had a problem with it but its just best practice to go with choice A.

2. Some enemies spawn and do not move
— This is a problem inherent to the quest and/or game engine. As I cannot change pathing or damn near anything else (for now) there is not much I can do. If you shoot one of them once or twice that usually fixes it.

3. After fighting the BoS, the minutemen will henceforth become scared/threatened of any BoS npc that comes near the castle (they will go into alert mode). This is only a cosmetic bug. Both sides do not actually attack one another under any circumstances and your standing with the BoS is not affected in any way. If you don’t want this to occur but still want to fight them, then just make a save beforehand and revert to it after the battle is over.

All I am doing is setting a global variable and a quest stage, therefore it is compatible with all mods that do not affect this quest (FormID: 000BDB04).
This mod works well with Mortal Settlers. (If you are using mortal settlers then I warn you that most of your settlers will may die during the siege and getting them back will take weeks, if not months, of in-game time. I love using the mod, but in this case I usually just revert to a previous save after the fight is over to save time).

Credits: ThreeTen
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