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CPU Unlocker – Plus Tweaking Resources

Extreemely Liiight Weiight Modd *Not avirUS*
Unlock your CPU potential (Not for Intel i7)
(Gain some FPS while taking some load off your GPU)

This mod requires a bit of advanced performance tweaking knowledge. Use at your own risk. Risk assessment: LOW. So far nothing terrible has been reported. But it is still in testing stages.

What do the commands do?

tMTA ON: Multithreaded Strings
tMTRDFL ON: Multithreaded Accumulation
tmtr ppld: Multithreaded lights
This is for prepass LOD and blended decals. Responsible for the “blurry textures”.


*Update 3/17/2016*
Thank you WardenWolf1982:
“This actually may not be safe on Intel i7 CPUs, which are the only ones with Hyperthreading (they shouldn’t need this mod anyway). Games need synchronous multithreading. That is, all the CPU cores have to be synchronized. This works fine on AMD CPUs where all the CPUs reported to the operating system are true cores. But on Intel CPUs with hyperthreading, there’s fake cores presented by Hyperthreading, but instructions on those “cores” are actually delayed and not synchronized. Depending on how the game handles it, this will either slow performance while it waits for the data or cause severe issues that can lead to corruption. In fact, many games out there, particularly older ones, get worse performance on an i7 than an i5 (which lacks Hyperthreading). Bottom line: don’t run this if you have an i7. It can only hurt you.”

*Update 3/15/2016*
I need to clear the air with you all about something important. I am not a modder nor a programmer. I found this in a forum online ((website here))and it gave me a tutorial to make this bat (txt file). So I did. I tested it out and it worked for me. But really guys, I can’t answer all of your questions because I don’t have the answers. But if you have a suggestion or explanation then I may add your info to the description. Just submit it to me and of course I’ll credit you. And I hope this mod works for you. As spoken of in the forum it has been improving the game play for some people.
Thank you for taking time to read this.
*Update 3/12/2016*
Hey guys! I’ve been researching through some tutorials on YOUTUBE today and found many many many necessary .ini TWEAKS! Please go check out the videos I posted here in my “Forums” tab. These are so great in fact you may not even need my mod!!!

*Update 3/11/2016*
Apparently there are some mods out there that edit these peripherals within their ini settings. Mods such as enb and reshades or lighting mods and other performance enhancers. By default the settings in my file should be turned OFF. But some of these other mods turn them on. And I really have no idea which ones control (there are too many mods out there to figure this out). So pretty much this turns ON for some people and others are stating it turns the settings OFF. And for me it turns some on and off. I cannot control that. Try and figure it out for yourselves. Just do a file type ” INI ” search within your games main folder and look through the settings of each one. It is best to control these functions manually rather than have handlers for them. So if you see these settings in other files (my advice) would be to delete or disable them.

Check out this article: “Fallout 4 Default Values for All Valid INI Settings”

Also it seems that this boosts performance for some and for others it degrades or has no noticeable effect. This must be because of the many different PC hardware and software (drivers) configurations. I don’t have all the answers folks. But if you know something I don’t then please post it here on my forums tab so we can all work together and educate one and other!

To Install:
Extract this single text file to your main directory and not the data folder.

To use in game simply type (” ~ ” tilde key to open command console) then type bat cpu. It’s really that simple! If testing this you must do this every time you load. Thanks to “sshade01” for their suggestion on how to load the command automatically by editing fallout4.ini, and add the following:
sStartingConsoleCommand=bat cpu (insert this command) under the “General” category. I’ve verified this command setting to work.

Advantages of CPU Multithreading:
If a thread gets a lot of cache misses, the other threads can continue taking advantage of the unused computing resources, which may lead to faster overall execution as these resources would have been idle if only a single thread were executed. Also, if a thread cannot use all the computing resources of the CPU (because instructions depend on each other’s result), running another thread may prevent those resources from becoming idle.
If several threads work on the same set of data, they can actually share their cache, leading to better cache usage or synchronization on its values.

Multiple threads can interfere with each other when sharing hardware resources such as caches or [/url]translation lookaside buffers (TLBs). As a result, execution times of a single thread are not improved but can be degraded, even when only one thread is executing, due to lower frequencies or additional pipeline stages that are necessary to accommodate thread-switching hardware.
Overall efficiency varies; Intel claims up to 30% improvement with its HyperThreading technology,[1] while a synthetic program just performing a loop of non-optimized dependent floating-point operations actually gains a 100% speed improvement when run in parallel. On the other hand, hand-tuned assembly language programs using MMX or Altivec extensions and performing data pre-fetches (as a good video encoder might) do not suffer from cache misses or idle computing resources. Such programs therefore do not benefit from hardware multithreading and can indeed see degraded performance due to contention for shared resources.
From the software standpoint, hardware support for multithreading is more visible to software, requiring more changes to both application programs and operating systems than multiprocessing. Hardware techniques used to support multithreading often parallel the software techniques used for computer multitasking of computer programs. Thread scheduling is also a major problem in multithreading.

Other Console Command Options to Try in Game:
(If you like these you can also add them to the bat file of this mod called “cpu.txt”)

[left] SAM 1 ; Enables multithreading for Audio
SAPE 0 ; Turns off ambient particles
TOCC ; Turns off occlusion counter
TDOQM ; Turns off dynamic onject query manager
thighprocess on ; Turns multithreading for AI[/left]

Improve Performance
PC Gamer Magazine
Wikipedia: Multithreading (computer architecture)

Videos will NOT show performance boost only game play will. But thanks anyway to “HTH Mods” for making this video!

Make your own bat files! Soooooo Simple:

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