FJetPack Tweaks

FJetPack Tweaks

This is the first mod/tweak i have uploaded to the nexus so be gentle.
I did not like the fact that the jetpacks in fallout 4 ran on AP and have a height limit,
I have tried to fix that by removing the AP drain and setting the max height based on the time you are in the air.
The mod comes in five different versions: Unlimited(10min), 15, 30, 45, or 60 seconds(ish) of thrust
you will reach the max height in half the time of total thrust
so in the 15 second version you will reach your max height in 7/8 seconds.
also the jetpacks power has been reduced to stop you flying into orbit.

fyi All tweaks in this mod can be achieved with console commands but can be a hassle to type in every time you play.
but if you want the same affect as this mod with out using any .esp(s) these are the settings i changed with FO4Edit:
fJetpackThrustInitial = 768 (my version = 103)
fJetpackTimeToSustained = 0.15 (my versions = 30/60/90/120/1200 respectively)
fJetpackDrainSustained = 64 (my version = 0)
fJetpackDrainInital = 64 (my version = 0)
^^^^not a typo
These are the default values that are in the vanilla game to change them ingame open the console and type “setgs” then the value you want to change eg:
“setgs fjetpackthrustinitial 10000” which would probably launch you in to space.

fJetpackThrustInitial = the power applied to the jetpack. (gets OP fast if increased)
fJetpackTimeToSustained = The time you are in the air. (kind of)

fJetpackDrainSustained = AP Drain that builds over time.
fJetpackDrainInital = AP drain that start immediately.
^^^^not a typo
(the two values above maybe linked to fusion core drain when flying but i have not seen that in my testing it drains at the default rate)

Added V2a it has more of a sustained flight than version V1a it offers 30 seconds(ish) of flight time if you use my recommend is semi configurable BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO ETHER ENTER A CONSOLE COMMAND EVERY TIME YOU PLAY OTHERWISE THE JETPACK DOES NOT GET YOU OFF THE GROUND!!!
OR EDIT YOUR FALLOUT4.INI FILE YOU WILL ONLY HAVE TO EDIT YOUR FALLOUT4.INI ONCE (unless something overrides it like the launcher)

If you do not mind editing your fallout.ini file this is the command with the value i suggest you add, it go’s in the [General] section:
sStartingConsoleCommand=setgs fJetpackThrustSustained 99.5

if you want to add it ingame open the console and type:
setgs fJetpackThrustSustained 99.5
I am using bilago’s Fallout 4 Configuration Tool to add the line above find there mod here:
It has a AUTO EXECUTE option it automatically enters console commands when you launch the game and is highly recommended.

thanks to b6lph6gor6 for telling me this command.
increasing the fJetpackThrustSustained will add more power and flight time to the jetpack and reducing it lowers the power and flight time with my settings.
Sorry but i can not seem to find this value with FO4Edit and that is why you have to enter it manually.

The setting i used in V2a are as follows:
fJetpackThrustInitial = 250
fJetpackTimeToSustained = 0.1
fJetpackDrainSustained = 0
fJetpackDrainInital = 0
fJetpackThrustSustained = 99.5 <<< this its all you really need to change to customize your jetpacks power in V2a.

Credits: Kingstallington
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