Nuka Cola Cherry Jones In-Game Label Mod

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Nuka Cola Cherry Jones In-Game Label Mod

Replaces the Original Nuka Cola Cherry Label with the one I Made from Scratch.

I DO NOT OWN any Logos or trademarks in the label.

Since the label is just a made up fun label originally created to print out, I decided to use it
to replace the original label of cherry label in-game since it was just a plain paper white label
with a cherry, this label still a work in progress, so please be nice, its my first mod for Fallout 4
I had few people ask me to create a in-game label for the bottle as well. So I give you

Nuka Cola Cherry New label In-game.

Update: I added a secondary one that will have both Nuka Cola Cherry front label in front and back as in the tab that reads Fallout 4 that has the description has been removed and replaced with the front cover to give a more Authentic look like the Quantum In-game version.
Installing Lines in the INI files:

To install this mod, if you are new to modifying the game contents its very straight forward.
First go to your Documents folder, find (my games) folder, open the folder and locate (Fallout4) folder, open it.
find (Fallout4.ini) and open it.
Locate the line that says sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, under the Name: [Archive] Add the line TEXTURES\, after STRINGS\,
If done correctly it will look like this: sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\,
If you already modded your game files and have added all strings, yours will look like this:


Now save the document.

Caution: Please make a backup of your fallout4.ini before modifying it EVER.

Installing Mod:

Now locate your game folder, by default its in your C: drive in program files.
If its not, the location will be something like this for example:

J:Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Fallout4

Once in the folder, locate (Data) folder, now find folder called (textures), if you do not have a folder called textures
don’t worry just create one. If you have one, open it and find (props) folder if you do not have a props
folder create one, now open it, once created or found. Now drag and drop your nukacolacherry_d file into the props folder and thats it.
For people who do not have a textures folder or props folder create the folders and continue reading.
You can now run the game normally, the file isn’t perfect, but its a work in progress. Any questions please ask in Posts tab area.

Caution: Please make a backup file of every file or folder you tend to modify for the game.

Once done correctly your location will look something like this:

J:Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Fallout4/Data/textures/props

Credits: Real Chris
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