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STEAM – Skip Next-Gen update

Use this acf file to trick steam into thinking your game is updated, so you can use your mods with peace of mind. Update! Console Application has been developed to patch your existing ACF file, which increases compatibility with various DLC’s installed, OS Language, Steam install paths, etc.

To use:
– Extract the Zip file anywhere
– Run the .exe file
– Press Y after confirming the details
– Enjoy!

If your game isn’t automatically detected, place this exe in your game folder for local folder detection.

Source Code is committed here, if you’re concerned

Replace File option
This file is a modified acf file

This is the file that steam uses to keep track of which version you have installed and to trigger updates.

If you’re like me, and don’t want to update Fallout 4 yet for the sake of your mods, you can use this file to trick steam into thinking you already downloaded the update.

Step 1. Open your Fallout 4 game directory
Step 2. Navigate up two folders (Common, then steamapps)
Step 3. Find appmanifest_377160.acf and create a backup of this file (so you can restore it later to download the update)
Step 4. Take the appmanifest_377160.acf file from this page and place it in this folder
Step 5. Right click the file and go to properties
Step 6. Mark as read only and Press OK
Step 7. Restart steam

Need to revert your game files because you already updated? Follow these steps:
– Create a new folder to contain all your Fallout 4 files
– Open the Run Dialog box (WINKEY + R) paste the following:

– press enter
– A Steam console should appear. At the bottom, copy and paste each “download_depot” line by line

Fallout 4 Base Files + English
download_depot 377160 377161 7497069378349273908
download_depot 377160 377162 5847529232406005096
download_depot 377160 377163 5819088023757897745
download_depot 377160 377164 2178106366609958945

These are DLC’s, you need to own them to download them:

Automatron + English
download_depot 377160 435870 1691678129192680960
download_depot 377160 435871 5106118861901111234
Wasteland workshop
download_depot 377160 435880 1255562923187931216
Far Harbor + English
download_depot 377160 435881 1207717296920736193
download_depot 377160 435882 8482181819175811242
Contraptions workshop
download_depot 377160 480630 5527412439359349504
Valt-Tec Workshop + English
download_depot 377160 480631 6588493486198824788
download_depot 377160 393885 5000262035721758737
Nuka World + English
download_depot 377160 490650 4873048792354485093
download_depot 377160 393895 7677765994120765493
HD Texture Pack:
download_depot 377160 540810 1558929737289295473

– After each one completes, Note the folder its downloading to (displayed in the console window)
– If you get an error about a license that just means the above list includes DLC you did not pay for. Ignore those errors
– Once done, open the folder specific in the “Depo download complete” message, locate the Fallout 4 files within (all will be in separate appId folders), and paste them into the folder you created in step 1.
– If you have any file conflicts, the file in the larger appId wins
– After downloading all of the above depos you should now have a fully reverted version of Fallout 4 to do with as you please.

Creation Kit downloads:download_depot 1946160 1946161 6928748513006443409
download_depot 1946160 1946162 3951536123944501689
Same steps as above, place the files in your fallout 4 directory

Credits: Bilago
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