WH-77 Modular L.S.W

WH-77 Modular L.S.W

The WH-77 Modular L.S.W by Skibadaa

Because everybody hates the vanilla machine gun as much as I do, I couldnt rest until an alternative was available. I started with an intriguing hypothetical:

If an M-249 and an M-60 had dirty unprotected motel sex, what would the offspring look like?

From that thought experiment we arrive at the WH-77 Modular Light Support Weapon! With all the features you have come to expect: levelled integration, custom sound FX, and meshes made with my patented “I cant believe it’s vanilla assets” system!

With a selection of mods for your pleasure, including but not limited to:

10 recievers! With 6 chambered in 5.56 for the grocery run, and 4 more in .308 for stubborn problems!
4 Barrels!
3 Sights!
3 Muzzles!
And 4 Stocks!


v1.1 adds these new mods:

4 Automatic 5mm Recievers!
3 Semi-Auto Recievers, one for each calibre!
8 Scopes!
2 Box Mags! (Have been reverted to use vanilla drum model until fix for CTD’s)

I had intended for there to be more mods for release but this project nearly killed me. Problems like you
wouldn’t believe. I almost gave up on more than one occasion, having to rebuild from the ground up twice in the face of constant ctd bugs and vanilla assets that just plain refused to play with eachother.


As ever I am continuing LOADS support as a standard, so a compatibility patch is available in the downloads section.

Get “Loads of Ammo – Switchable Ammunition Types” here:

Valwereth and Stabcops have both made AWKCR patches, between them you should be able to patch any weapon on the nexus:

AWKCR by Stabcops:

Val’s patch compilation page:


1. -Download the main file.

2. -Copy the contents of the zip to your “Data” directory, or install with NMM.

3. -Activate “SkibsWH77LSW.esp” in your load order.

-If you are using LOADS then also download and activate “SkibsWH77LSW-LOADS.esp”, making sure
It is after “SkibsWH77LSW.esp” in your load order.

4. -Load the game.

5. -Smoke some fools.

Weapon console code for the impatient among you:

player.additem xx000800 1

If you don’t know what the position is then use this command:

Help WH-77 4

This will list the form ID’s in the mod, including the one for the weapon. The first two characters of any of these
are what you should replace “xx” with.

Known issues/Possible Conflicts

Due to the method that I have used to create this weapon It ends up being far more resource intensive than a vanilla weapon, or even another standalone weapon that has scratch built assets. This wont be a problem for anyone who can run the game on high/ultra at 50+ fps. But if you are running the game on a very low end system, particularly if you have less than 6gig of ram, then you may encounter CTDs in the craft menu/pipboy menu when you try to look at the gun.

Anything that adds items to the same levelled lists will cancel out all changes without a merged patch, the lists in question are:


I have made a short video tutorial on how to make a merged Leveled list patch with FO4Edit:


Big thanks once again to Mudcups for the video showcase!

Big thanks to AznSensation for his video showcase!

Big thanks to Tyrannicon for featuring this in his top 10 weapons video!

Big thanks to JR Mods for featuring this in his top 5 weapons video!

Big thanks to Sajcon for featuring this in his weapon mods special video!

Big thanks to Fonnie Dro for featuring this mod in his youtube show!

Me, for making this mod.

The Nifskope team, for Nifskope.

The FO4Edit team, for FO4Edit.

Bethesda, for Fallout 4

Shameless Self promotion!

Check out my other F4 mods;

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Laser Bolt FX:

I also made these mods for New Vegas:

And this mod for Skyrim:

Credits: skibadaa
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